Data Science Interview Consultation

I Offer Personal Coaching For Data Science Interviews

Data Science Business Problems

I Will Cover Solutions To The Following Common Business Problems

  1. Order Ads To Maximize Clicks
  2. Recommend Venues Based On User GPS Latitude Longitude
  3. How To Partition A ML Model Training Across Multiple Machines
  4. How To Create User Level Empirical Features For Improved Targetting
  5. How To Select The Best Offer For Each Customer To Maximize Revenue In The Next Month
  6. How To Attribute Sales To Different Marketing Campaigns
  7. How To Do Supply Chain Optimization
  8. Recommend The Best Product For Each Customer Using A Binary Classifier
  9. How To Train A Supervised Learning Model To Trade Forex
  10. How To Train A Model To Predict What Images A Customer Likes
  11. How To Match An Audio Recording To A Given Customer
  12. Lifetime Value Modelling, What Controllable Factors Turn A Low Value Customer Into A High Value Customer
  13. How To Implement An Autocomplete Search Functionality, Based On A Search Query
  14. Predict If Someone Is Likely To Crash Their Car

Industry Experience

I have a PhD in Machine Learning and Trading
9+ years of industry experience working as a data scientist.
Undergraduate software engineering / mathematics.

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